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PTAC (High Efficiency) 12,000 BTU Heat/Cool 230V & 3Kw Heat (10.7 EER) - Residential/Commercial use for rooms 450-550 sq.ft. (each)

Product #: ETAC-12HC230V20A-A
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    Unlike most PTAC's, this E-TAC's energy smart technology keeps utility costs down, while providing unmatched quiet comfort.  Internally, a bi-fan motor configuration allows for the whisper quiet sound levels while achieving the highest level of energy efficiency. 

    This 12,000 BTU E-TAC heat/cool unit is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of hospitality, healthcare & many specialty residential installations. This unit is capable of providing cooling and heating for rooms up to 550 sq. feet.

    With an energy efficiency rating of 10.7 EER, this unit is also your energy efficient choice. Features include a dry mode, & pre-programmed setpoint limits the E-TAC Series is the ideal choice for superior performance & energy savings.

    Dry-mode dehumidification option helps control interior moisture problems.

    Please note: This system will retrofit into most competitive wall sleeves without a kit. However, new installations will require a Wall Sleeve.

    This E-TAC will fit into the wall sleeves of Carrier, GE, Amana, Trane, Friedrich, and Bryant - with no need for an accessory retrofit!

    This unit is the standard size: 42 inches x 16 inches (106.68 cm x 40.64 cm)


    • Wireless Thermostat and Remote Control Ready
    • Silencer system with Aero-Quiet Fan
    • Humidity Control for Individual Comfort
    • Freeze Protection - Protects unoccupied rooms from freezing temperatures
    • Industry's Best Warranty - 5 Year Limited Warranty

    FIVE Years Parts and Labor Coverage on the Sealed Refrigeration System. FIVE Years Limited Parts Coverage on Functional Parts. TWO Years Labor Coverage on Functional Parts

    How many BTUs do I need for my PTAC?

    (BTU ratings are estimates only, based on 10ft ceilings, with great insulation and windows. Some factors may alter this calculation: lack of insulation, heavy sun, excessively hot regions, & tall ceilings)

    • 7,000 BTU: 250-300 sqft
    • 9,000 BTU: 350-400 sqft
    • 12,000 BTU: 450-550 sqft
    • 15,000 BTU: 550-700 sqft

    Make sure you install a unit that is going to properly cool your square footage. An over-sized air conditioner is actually less effective and wastes energy at the same time. Air conditioners remove both heat and humidity from the air. If the unit is too large, it will cool the room quickly, but only remove some of the humidity. This leaves the room with a damp, clammy feeling. A properly sized unit will remove humidity effectively as it cools.

    Condensate Removal

    This ETAC has a new condensate (water) disposal system. The outdoor fan prop has a built-in slinger ring which draws condensate and sprays it on the warm outdoor coil for evaporation. This provides a better disposal of excess condensate and improves the unit's operating efficiency.

    It is normal and desirable to have some condensate water in the base pan to boost operating efficiency.

    Note: This unit will not always evaporate 100% of the unit-generated condensate and blown-in rain water.

    Easy-Access Filters

    The two-piece removable filters easily slide in and out from the front of the unit, and the front panel does not need to be removed to access or change the filters. The filters are 100% washable and can be used for the lifetime of the unit.

    Do I need a remote control?

    These ETAC units are remote control ready, but are not shipped with a remote.

    What's the difference between a heat/cool and a heat pump unit?

    A heat/cool has an electric heat element (like heat coils). This is better for more extreme temperatures but costs a little more on your utilities to run them.

    A heat pump reverses the cycle of the AC to provide heat. It uses the heat generated by the system (ideal for moderate climates) and doesn't use electricity to generate the heat - only to run the fans and pumps. This makes heat pumps more energy efficient for heating, but less able to deliver heat in cold climates.

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