Aprilaire SpaceGard Replacement Deep Pleat Filters

Choose cleaner air and lower prices with our Aprilaire filter replacements. Each filter is manufactured with an extended surface and a synthetic fabric that enhances filtration efficiency in any home or business. An alternative for Aprilaire filters, our aftermarket products will be the perfect fit for your furnace or AC vent. Because we are not sourcing from the business, we are able to sell our filters at the most cost-effective price, providing the optimal value and the highest quality. Whether you know them as Aprilaire or Spaceguard, the performance of our aftermarket alternatives will blow you away. Install our Aprilaire furnace filters in your house or office for the best budget-friendly replacement in the market. Upgrade your MERV rating to MERV 11 or 13 to remove any pet dander, cough and sneeze germs, and smoke from your space, or settle for MERV 8 Aprilaire air filters to eliminate more common debris like dust, lint, pollen, and mold. Whatever your preference, our products will provide you with fresher air to keep you healthy all year-round. We offer multiple package bundles for your convenience.