Due to COVID-19 closings, we are temporarily out of supplies for our washable filters. Please consider our MERV 13 filters for added protection to your air during this time.


Our Ultimate Allergen filter proactively captures even the most microscopic particles from the air. Reduce allergy and asthma triggers by capturing the unwanted allergens from your home’s air - pollen, bacteria and harmful virus carriers.

Virus Cough Sneeze Lint Dust Mites Mold Pollen Pet Dander Dust Smog Smoke Bacteria

Commercial Washable Air Filters

Industrial-grade washable air filters designed for use in commercial and industrial applications to filter air, grease and coolant mists. Our filters can be used dry or coated with filter adhesive. This is NOT a foam-core filter.

  • Interchangeable with 1" and 2" disposable filters
  • Built for long-term use
  • Maintains its performance over multiple washes
  • Provides a lifetime of dependable service

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