Deep Pleat Air Filters

MERV 8 for Enhanced Performance

MERV 8: The Premium Pleated Filter

MERV 8 filters utilize 100% synthetic media. They help capture airborne particles and allergens between 3-10 microns in size. An ideal upgrade from standard disposable panel filters. MERV 8 air filters enhance the filtration efficiency in your home or office. Not only will these filters remove the dust, pollen, and lint in your home, but they will actively find and trap harmful pollutants like mold, preventing allergy and asthma triggers and promoting a healthy, safe environment.

Particles Filtered
Lint Dust Mites Mold Pollen Pet Dander Dust

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Versatile and Convenient MERV 8 Filters

Not only do our MERV 8 furnace filters improve filtration performance, but they are versatile in fit and financially friendly for your wallet. Our products can be installed in either a furnace or an AC vent in either your business or your home. Choose your exact measurements with our standard, hard-to-find, and custom offerings. Once you know your size, opt for the package bundle that works best with your budget. We have a price match guarantee on all MERV 8 pleated filters.

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