Purashield Mini Replacement Filter

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  • The Purashield mini filter eliminates up to 99.98% of targeted viruses & bacteria* with a patented 4-layer filter.
  • This powerful little filter fights viruses, bacteria, mold, moisture droplets from coughs & sneezes, pollen, and dust.
  • Remember to change the filter in your Purashield mini air scrubber every 6 months.
  • Our quality Purashield products are made in the USA!
  • Made in the USA!
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Product Details

14 1/2 x 14 1/2 x 23
Air Filter Type
Air Purifier
virus, bacteria, mold, cough & sneeze, pollen, and dust
Pre-filter, Molecular Filtration, Antimicrobial layer using Puraward Fiber, H13 grade HEPA Filter
Captured Particle Size
0.3-1.0 Microns
High Capacity
Air Flow
250 CFM / 425 CMH
Max Energy Use
Noise Level
<60 dBA
Particulate Matter
99.99% of PM2.3, and 99.97% of PM0.3
120 US / 220V EU
2 Years
Lead Time
60 Business Days

Purashield Mini Replacement Filter

The mini filter uses a disposable 4-layer filter that features an antimicrobial filter layer using PuraWard® technology and includes Purafil’s patented antimicrobial dry chemical media blend that eliminates viruses and bacteria. The Purashield mini filter cleans up to eleven cubic meters of air per hour and lasts up to six months in the Purashield mini air scrubber.

Bacteria, viruses, and mold in the air don't stand a chance!

  • The filter is non-toxic, disposable, and safe for landfills.
  • Another layer of the filter consists of H13-grade HEPA filtration for harmful particulate matter and eliminates 99.99% of PM2.5 and 99.97% of PM0.3

Puraward Fiber has been tested to remove the following microbials:

Virus Reduction Rate
H1N1 99.91%
H7N9 99.98%
Bacteria / Fungus Reduction Rate
S. aureus 99.95%
E. Coli 99.96%

Reference research articles:

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  • *2018 Assessment of Viricidal Effectiveness of Treated Fabric Material Via Direct Contact – Misting Study Influnza A Virus (H1N1) Microbac Laboratories, Inc
  • **Efficacy of the Purafil Purashield Mini device against aerosolized MS2 Virus. J. Balarashti, J. Trolinger, ARE Laboratories, May 18, 2020.

Background on Purafil

  • For 50 years, Purafil’s technically advanced products have been on duty in environments as sensitive as NASA laboratories, the Sistine Chapel, hospitals and airports.