It's Wildfire Season Again, But Your Indoor Air Quality Doesn't Have to Suffer

As wildfires rage in Canada, billowing smoke poses risks of "unhealthy" air quality for vast stretches of the northern United States.

Increased wildfires in Canada over the past week have sparked concerns among meteorologists, who predict hazy skies and poor air quality for regions in the US.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Brandon Buckingham notes: "This spring, fires have primarily been concentrated in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories, but they have collectively scorched over half a million acres, with a significant portion occurring in the past week."

Though wildfires may be hundreds of miles away, they can create hazy skies, impacting air quality even in closer areas.

On Monday, very unhealthy air quality levels were reported in at least six states, with Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakotas seeing unhealthy air quality. Meteorologists advise those with health conditions to limit outdoor exposure.

By Tuesday, poor air quality had spread farther south, with smoke reaching Minneapolis due to a cold front. The smoke is expected to remain confined to the Upper Midwest and the Great Lakes in the coming days, potentially reaching the central Plains.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Matt Benz explains: "A sprawling storm system moving from Kansas to the mid-Atlantic should help contain smoke across the northern US and parts of the Great Plains through midweek."

Despite the ongoing threat, the risk of smoke blowing into the northern US is expected to be lower than last year. However, large fires in northwestern Ontario could still send smoke into the Midwest and Northeastern US.

Proper indoor air filtration, particularly with MERV 13 filters, can help mitigate the impact of wildfire smoke on indoor air quality. MERV 13 filters are highly effective at filtering out fine particles, including those from smoke, ensuring cleaner and healthier indoor air during wildfire events.

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