How to Dispose of a Dirty Air Filter

Learn the how to properly dispose of your air filters when they have expired their use

While your home's air quality benefits from your diligent efforts to change your air filters monthly, you might be asking how to dispose of the dirty filters without making a mess with the dust and dirt. Proper disposal of the old filter is essential to prevent all the collected debris from becoming airborne once again. Remember that an old filter has 30 to 90 days of trapped material in it, so many irritants, allergens and other particles can easily become airborne again.

    • To properly dispose of a used air filter:

    • 1 - Have a plastic bag on hand and turn off the unit before you begin.

    • 2 - Carefully remove the used air filter from the HVAC unit.

    • 3 - Place it gently into the bag without shaking it. This will prevent it from releasing the dust and particles into the air.

    • 4 - Tie or tape the bag shut.

    • 5 - Take the bagged air filter and place it in an outside trash can or dumpster.

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