5 Inch Filters

5 Inch Air Filters that Will Freshen Your Home or Business

Your 5 inch air filters are ready for a replacement. You may have been dreading this moment for quite some time, but there's no need to worry about spending too much money on filters you have to replace within a couple months. At Air Filters Delivered, we manufacture our 5 inch furnace filters in-house, cutting unnecessary costs in order to provide you with the best price out there.

In addition to our lowest price guarantee, our 5 inch filters offer the following:

  • Standard and Custom 5" Air Filter Sizes to Give You the Perfect Fit
  • Made in the USA Performance
  • Increased Filtration Efficiency from Higher MERV Ratings
  • Up To 15% Decrease in Your Energy Bill
  • 5" Furnace Filters that Fit AC Units and Furnaces

Choose your 5 inch air filter from the drop down orΒ shop extended sizes.

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