6 Inch Filter

Replacement 6 Inch Air Filters for Your Furnace or AC Unit

Need to replace your 6 inch air filter but don't want to spend a fortune? Since our products are all manufactured in-house, in the US, we are able to reduce external costs in order to deliver the lowest price, guaranteed. In addition to a less expensive pricing model, we offer free shipping and different package bundles for your convenience. Shop our 6 inch air cleaners once, and have clean air for a year with our 6-pack and 12-pack bundles.

We want to ensure your 6 inch furnace filters are the best of the best with the following features available with every purchase:

  • Popular and Custom Sizes to Fit your AC or Furnace
  • 6" Air Filters of the Highest Quality and Performance
  • Made in the USA
  • High Filtration Efficiency and Improved Air Quality from Increased MERV Ratings
  • Energy Cost Reduction of Up To 15% from Cleaner Filters

    Select your standard 6 inch air filter below or shop extended sizes.

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