Now Available: The MERV 77 Phantom Filter!

The demand for the MERV 77 Phantom Filter has been unbelievable, so Air Filters Delivered consulted with experts and designed the most efficient air conditioning and furnace filter available.

A New MERV Rating Was Required

Until now, there has never been a filter that could do what the Phantom Filter does. Its breakthrough technology will literally decontaminate the soul of your home!

"The filter had to be engineered to work on the quantum level – that's much smaller than the size of common viruses and dust mites," veteran Paranormal Investigator Nicolle Morock explains.

What the Phantom Filter Does

The MERV 77 goes beyond trapping the usual allergens and germs our other filters work so well on. Using a proprietary blend of materials, this pleated filter can trap both ephemeral spirits and residual negative energies in your home or business while allowing the natural positive energies to remain in the atmosphere.

"I believe Air Filters Delivered has accomplished something truly incredible here!" Morock stated enthusiastically. "Think of the benefits that will be felt worldwide – no matter the age of your system or your home, this filter will change your life!"

When you use this filter, you'll no longer need to worry about dust mites, viruses, pollen, poltergeists, banshees, phantasms, or specters. Clear your home of all ambient antagonism and create a peaceful climate wherever you live and work!

Please note: The MERV 77 Phantom Filter is not available in custom sizes. Or standard sizes. Or at all.

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