How Do I Change My Air Filter

Learn how to change the air filter in your home or office AC unit or furnace. You can watch our video tutorial to see how it's done or follow our step-by-step guide below. We want to make changing furnace filters easy and accessible to every residential or commercial property.

Step-By-Step Guide on Home Air Filter Replacement

Proper maintenance of your AC and furnace will keep good air quality in your home, increase the life span of your system, and consume less energy, resulting in lower bills. Your filters should be changed every 30 to 90 days depending on the type and efficiency of your filter. During peak winter and summer months, your HVAC system is operating at its highest capacity, and it's recommended that you change your air filter every month. Remember, regular maintenance of your home's cooling and heating system is essential to ensure it operates efficiently.

  • Follow these 4 easy steps for do-it-yourself home air filter replacement:

  • Step 1: Buy a New Air Filter. Before buying a replacement filter, check your owner's manual to identify the right number or size of your filter – it could also be printed on the side of your existing air filter. Or measure the filter yourself for accurate sizing.

  • Step 2: Turn Off Your HVAC Unit For safety, turn off your HVAC unit before attempting to change the furnace filter. If you can't figure out how to turn off the unit, turn off the breaker.

  • Step 3: Remove the Dirty Filter Most air filters are located to the right or bottom of the unit and should easily pull out of the slot. Although not common, some filters are found in air vents instead. If that is the case, you might need to contact a HVAC professional for assistance.

  • Step 4: Insert Your New Filter There are arrows on the new filter to indicate which side should be facing the outside air.The arrows should be pointing towards the blower and the filter should slide into place easily.

Now that you know how to change your air filter, what are you waiting for? Shop by size or build your own with custom measurements today!

Other Frequently Asked Questions Related to Changing Furnace Filters

  • How often should I change my air filter?

    Frequency of replacement depends on a few key factors – number of pets in a household, location, size of your home, allergies, and time of the year. Get a better estimate with our replacement guide!

  • How can I improve my indoor air quality?

    Air quality can be improved through proper ventilation, frequent filter changes, and more! Get your cleanest air yet with our quick tips.

  • How can I dispose of dirty air filters?

    Unsure how to dispose of your old air filters the right way? We've got you covered with a step by step process!

For any other questions, check out our helpful tips!