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MERV 13: The Best-Fit Filter for Asthma and Allergies

Our Ultimate Allergen MERV 13 filter proactively captures even the most microscopic particles from the air. Reduce allergy and asthma triggers by capturing the unwanted allergens from your home or office including mold, dust mites, bacteria, and harmful virus carriers. Ideal for families and large businesses, our MERV 13 air filters promote a clean, healthy environment. Plus, replacing your air filter regularly can reduce your energy bill up to 15%!

Particles Filtered
Virus Cough Sneeze Lint Dust Mites Mold Pollen Pet Dander Dust Smog Smoke Bacteria

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At Air Filters Delivered, we manufacture all MERV 13 filter sizes from common, standard measurements to custom offerings you can't find anywhere else. Choose the correct size for your system, and enjoy the instant gratification of fresher, cleaner air in your space. Learn more about air filtration for your home or business using our Helpful Tips guides!