19x21x1 Air Filter
19x21x1 Air Filter
19x21x1 Air Filter
19x21x1 Air Filter

19x21x1 Air Filter

SKU: P80S.011921-2
Actual Size: 19" x 21" x 1"

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MERV Rating
["Lint","Dust","Mold Spores"]
["Pollen","Pet dander","Smoke","Auto emissions"]
[" Bacteria and virus carriers"]
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About 19x21x1 Air Filter

Actual Size: 19" x 21" x 1" Product: P80S.011921-2

The Aerostar 19x21x1 pleated air filter delivers clean air by replacing your air system’s vent intake filter. Designed to work with most home and office AC and furnace systems with compatible intake vent sizes, filtering out dust, pollen, bacteria, and other airborne particles. Great indoor air quality is as easy as changing your air filter to Aerostar.

Air Filter Type: Pleated
FPR Rating: FPR 10
Quality: Dust & Pollen
Captured Particle Size: 3-10 Microns
Material: Pleated
Capacity: High Capacity

Change Frequency: Every 60-90 Days

MERV Rating:
SKU: P80S.011921-2
MPR Rating: MPR 1900

3-10 Microns
Ships in 5 Business DaysEvery 60-90 Days
Comparable to MPR 1900

MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter - Premium Filters

MERV 8 pleated filters utilize 100% synthetic media. They help capture airborne particles/allergens between 3-10 microns in size and are an ideal upgrade from standard disposable panel filters.

  • Dust & Lint
  • Pet Dander
  • Dust Mites
  • Pollen

Each filter lasts up to one month and should be changed and disposed of regularly. Unlike other brands, our filters will not cut your hands


Made in the USA

Change Frequency:

30 Days



Chemically Treated:



U.L. Class 2

What is a MERV Rating?

MERV ratings let you know the efficiency and level of filtration that an air filter can handle under normal circumstances. The higher the MERV rating, the finer the particles are that are filtered our of the air in your home. Many air filter retailers use MERV or a similar rating to rate their air filters.

About MERV, MPR and FPR Rating

MERV Rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value):

MERV Rating is the primary rating system used in the industry, both domestically and internationally. Established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers, MERV rates a filter’s ability to capture and hold particles and pollutants.

MPR (Micro-Particle Performance Rating):

MPR Rating is a rating system developed by 3M. It rates the manufacturer’s Filtrete product line and their ability to capture airborne particles smaller than 1 micron.

FPR (Filter Performance Rating):

FPR Rating is a rating system developed by The Home Depot for brands sold through their stores, including Honeywell. It utilizes a color code and number scale (4 to 10) that closely resembles the MERV rating.